Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liberals vs. Conservatives

Hmm, let's see...


Conservatives want people to stop playing video games.
Liberals want people to stop eating meat and candy.

Conservatives wants to take away our pornography.
Liberals want to take away our guns.

Conservatives favor the rich and ONLY the rich
Liberals favor redistribution of wealth (*cough* socialism *cough*)

Conservatives want people to go to church even if they don't want to and condemn freedom of religion.
Liberals want people to say nice things to each other even if they don't want to and condemn freedom of speech. 

Conservatives want to ban gay marriage.
Liberals want to take away our sports.

Conservatives don't respect Buddhists, Hindus, and anyone else who are not "Christian."
Liberals don't respect ANYONE who is religious.

Conservatives want to keep drugs illegal.
Liberals want to make cigarettes and junk food illegal.

Conservatives deny that they are "politically correct" even when they want profanity, sex, and violence out of TV and films.
Liberals deny that they are "politically correct" even when they want to ban Christmas, Easter, and any holiday that deals with Christianity.

Conservatives don't give a damn about women's rights.
Liberals support women's rights.....and anything that does not involve MEN'S rights.

Conservatives care about the military, SO much so that they want to fund it more than schools, colleges, and universities (which, of course, leads to cuts to programs & layoffs of teachers and professors)
Liberals care about the environment, SO much so that they want to shut down oil rigs, mines, and ports (which, of course, leads to the loss of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars)

Conservatives overlook the minorities.
Liberals overlook the veterans.

Liberals consider you a "sellout" if you support corporations.
Conservatives consider you an "adversary" if you DON'T.

Liberals could call you a "nutcase" if you support the military.
Conservatives could call you a "coward" if you are against war.

Conservatives don't like gay people.
Liberals don't like fat people.


So let's recap:
Conservatives are against freedom of religion, homosexuality, education, science, profanity, video games, pornography, poor people, drugs, women's rights, and minority's rights.

Liberals are against religion, religious holidays, freedom of speech, obesity, meat-eaters, junk food, sports, tobacco, the military, rich people, corporations, and "The Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

...And these are the people that are in Washington. Either way, we all lose.

I know that these are just generalizations. But I'm a little pissed off so I don't care about discussing stereotypes right now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings

Several hours ago, the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils and won the 2012 Stanley Cup Championship. They won the game with a score of 6 to 1, and because of that, they have won their first Stanley Cup all their 45 years. Congratulations to the L.A. Kings for earning their much-deserved victory. Understand that I'm a fan of the Anaheim Ducks. But at the same time, I applaud the Kings for their tremendous effort. It was an incredible playoff season this year, and the Kings have deserved their championship. As a result, both L.A. and Anaheim now have one Stanley Cup. I'm really proud that another California hockey team has one.

So congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings. And here's hoping that they (along with the Ducks) do very well next season.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday

Well, I've just turned 25 today and.....I'm starting to feel old.

I know. I know. I'm still young. But there's still the thought of having to reflect on past years of my life. I'm sure it's not the equivalent of a midlife crisis, but I still feel that I haven't done much since the day I was born. I graduated from High School and.....that's about it. I don't think I've succeeded in life just yet. Fortunately, I'm optimistic about the future. I'm currently writing the novel that I've been recently talking about on this blog, and I do hope that I finish the final draft by this summer. Now, I do know that I will accomplish something at this age.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I thought education was important...

...but apparently some people in California don't think so. The budgets for every single university and community college in California has been drastically cut. So that means institutions like Cal State Long Beach and University of California, Santa Barbara are no choice but to cut programs and even freeze enrollment. It pains me to know that our state education has dropped to the very bottom. We were once outstanding with our education system, but now with all of these cuts, the kids of the next generation won't be very intelligent as a consequence. Why are we doing this? Why are we getting rid of education? I know that our economy is still a major disappointment, but we can't take it out on our schools and universities. On a side note, I'm all for privatizing education, since I don't think the government should be involved in what's taught in our schools. But that's probably not going to become the norm until a dozen years later. In the meantime, we can't ignore the destruction of our education system. Something has to be done. We have to find another way to take care of our budget crisis. It shouldn't be schools and universities; instead it should be something else.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


You know what I love besides sports?


That's what I want for dinner:  a juicy, tender Porterhouse steak with mashed potatoes and garlic bread. If not a steak, then perhaps fried salmon or roast turkey or lamb chops. Meat is a part of a man's genuine kitchen, and it beats the hell out of eating tofu and rice for the rest of your life. Personally, I would never ever reject eating meat. If you're a vegetarian, I have no problem with that, so I don't intend any offense. But I believe that if I become a vegetarian, then it will lead to a dull life. Eating only fruits, vegetables, and bread seems a bit repetitive. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, venison, fish, and turkey makes life really exciting. Seeing it right there on the dinner table, it almost becomes an orgasmic experience (but of course, sex is better than eating).

Unfortunately, eating a steak or venison for dinner seems to be a slim chance, seeing as how I'm still unemployed. Many of these types of food are pretty expensive (but at least I'm enjoying some pizza every once in a while). But this sort of situation motivates me. I'm still not giving up on finding work for many reasons, but one being that I would be able to eat my favorite foods when a paycheck finally arrives. I would become a complete man again when I'm finally employed. But when would that be? I don't know, maybe next week, or a few months later. But still, I will know that finding work will be totally worth it, knowing that I will spend a fraction of my future income with the required groceries. I am looking forward to eating some steak in the future.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Baseball season has officially begun!

Hi, y'all.

I'm sorry that I haven't been writing any blog posts for quite awhile. But now, I'm pumped. Baseball season has officially begun, ladies and gentlemen. This is one of America's greatest pastimes, and I'm going to cherish it the entire season. You will recognize that I am a sports fan (not an avid one, but I hope I will turn into one later on). You can't say no to sports, because.....well, you might think this is a stupid thing to say, but you can't say no to sports because you'll sound unpatriotic (and you can't have that in a country such as the United States). Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey are INDEED the American's genuine recreational activities.

In this case, baseball has just begun: it just started today, and the regular season will end in October. Just a few minutes ago, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have defeated the KC Royals by a score of 5 to 0. This really gives me hope that the Angels will do extremely well for the next six-and-a-half months. I am going to enjoy myself by observing the sheer power of the Halo's. If only I could afford tickets to Angel Stadium.....

Anyway, I apologize if this blog is too short. My mind went blank for awhile, but now it's been revived because of my unshakeable love for American sports. There's a good chance that I'll write more blogs in the future (perhaps tomorrow). But for now, I'm going to celebrate the Angels victory by.....I don't know how just yet. I'll probably go out for some Carne Asada fries and a bottle of Diet Coke.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Trouble with Homophobia

Every time I hear the phrases "Homosexuality is a sin" or "Pray the Gay away," I get really pissed off. Personally, I'm not gay, but I do believe that there is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual or transgender. It's not a big deal, so why are so many people riled up with such an issue? The LGBT community is filled with ordinary people. They didn't come straight from Hell or anything. And yet, people are still convinced that God does not accept homosexuality. 

Why the hell do you even care? It's their life, not yours. Why do you even want to take away their own rights?! We're all human beings. Just because the LGBT are different doesn't mean their lifestyles are considered immoral. Gays, bisexuals, and transgender people are nonetheless PEOPLE. Just leave them alone. They don't need to "pray the gay away." They're healthy just the way they are. So don't rely on the Holy Bible to spread your hatred. I really wish people would step away from such ignorance.