Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liberals vs. Conservatives

Hmm, let's see...


Conservatives want people to stop playing video games.
Liberals want people to stop eating meat and candy.

Conservatives wants to take away our pornography.
Liberals want to take away our guns.

Conservatives favor the rich and ONLY the rich
Liberals favor redistribution of wealth (*cough* socialism *cough*)

Conservatives want people to go to church even if they don't want to and condemn freedom of religion.
Liberals want people to say nice things to each other even if they don't want to and condemn freedom of speech. 

Conservatives want to ban gay marriage.
Liberals want to take away our sports.

Conservatives don't respect Buddhists, Hindus, and anyone else who are not "Christian."
Liberals don't respect ANYONE who is religious.

Conservatives want to keep drugs illegal.
Liberals want to make cigarettes and junk food illegal.

Conservatives deny that they are "politically correct" even when they want profanity, sex, and violence out of TV and films.
Liberals deny that they are "politically correct" even when they want to ban Christmas, Easter, and any holiday that deals with Christianity.

Conservatives don't give a damn about women's rights.
Liberals support women's rights.....and anything that does not involve MEN'S rights.

Conservatives care about the military, SO much so that they want to fund it more than schools, colleges, and universities (which, of course, leads to cuts to programs & layoffs of teachers and professors)
Liberals care about the environment, SO much so that they want to shut down oil rigs, mines, and ports (which, of course, leads to the loss of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars)

Conservatives overlook the minorities.
Liberals overlook the veterans.

Liberals consider you a "sellout" if you support corporations.
Conservatives consider you an "adversary" if you DON'T.

Liberals could call you a "nutcase" if you support the military.
Conservatives could call you a "coward" if you are against war.

Conservatives don't like gay people.
Liberals don't like fat people.


So let's recap:
Conservatives are against freedom of religion, homosexuality, education, science, profanity, video games, pornography, poor people, drugs, women's rights, and minority's rights.

Liberals are against religion, religious holidays, freedom of speech, obesity, meat-eaters, junk food, sports, tobacco, the military, rich people, corporations, and "The Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

...And these are the people that are in Washington. Either way, we all lose.

I know that these are just generalizations. But I'm a little pissed off so I don't care about discussing stereotypes right now.

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